Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Last weekend & co.

I know I am usually whining in my blog, so i thought I'll let you know if I have good news. It seems that DBF has changed a lot as far as his kids are concerned. Of course he's not perfect but there's lots of progress and as long as it's going to continue I'm really happy with it. The bad thing was that DD has been sick again and I had to stay with her at home, instead of going to the swimpool with everyone else :( They had much fun and I'm looking forward to going there as well.

I made nice progress on MotG instead, but I'll post a picture when we get our camera back (a friend of us borrowed it). She's stitching up beautifully and I love working on her :) So much fun. DsD asked me last weekend if I could teach her to stitch, which of course made me very happy. I need to get some Aida 11ct and some big needles for her (I'm using 28 ones), but I hope it's going to be fun :) I'll post a pic as soon as she stitches anything :) She's very diligent, so I think she may turn into a really good stitcher. I used to collect UK mags and many of them have special designs for children, now I can use them even before DD gets old enough to try them out :) (she's already interested in stitching and loves to help me to pull the needle through the fabric, so actually MotG is our WIP, not only mine).

We're moving in two weeks and there's so much still to do, sigh. I only lived in this appartment for several months, so I am not looking forward to moving, but the new appartment is very pretty and so much more spacious. I'll be happiest when we're already moved in :)


Blogger Von said...

Glad things are improving with DBF. Hope DD is better today. Good luck with your move; try not to wear yourself out. :D

6:02 PM  
Blogger ~Harsha~ said...

I hope your little one is better!! then both of you can go out for some fun :)

3:21 AM  

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