Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Lent

After everybody has blogged about the Lent, I'm finally coming to doing it as well. After much thinking, I've decided to give up sweets and junk food. Now, it's going to be really hard with our kitchen not finished yet, but I hope with some imagination, I'll manage to prepare some real meals. And I hope that the last parts of our kitchen are going to arrive soon and I'll be able to enjoy it :)

I must say that giving up sweets is really hard for me. We have some stress at work and usually I'd already be grabbing a bag of sweets or at least getting some apple/pear tarte from the French bakery downstairs. Instead I sit and eat my apples and carrots and try to convince myself it's good for me, LOL. Now, I know it's good for me, because I've been eating much too much sweets recently. So I just hope I can hold on. I see the Lent as a transition period anyway. An incentive to do it and I do not intend to come back to eating sweets after it's over anyway.

I also know I have to work on my negative feelings towards certain people, because they are not going to change anything. They are harming me and my family more than the person they are directed to. We (as a family) just need to work on setting boundaries, because the lack of those is causing 90% of the problems.


Blogger Belinda said...

{{{Gosia}}} Best of luck with the negative thoughts - that's a very good one! And a difficult one!

3:18 PM  
Blogger Nicole and Phil said...

I live in Westend, not far from Westend S bahn, or Theodor Heuss Platz U bahn....are you close? would be great to meet up?

10:06 AM  
Blogger Nicole and Phil said...

a computer you confess to being a computer geek! LOL
How do you get the "new" word to appear next to people's blogs when they post new entries into their blog?
I would love to do this too, but cannot work out how to do it?

4:16 PM  

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