Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Wed Weigh-In & Misc.

Start weight: 170
Last week: 164,5
Current weight: 162,6

I admit I was really bad this week, I'll try hard to be better this week. I still want to lose ca. 25 lbs before summer.


I have been really MIA recently and it's time to get better :) My blog hit the 10,000 visits mark and I haven't even noticed it till now. Anyway, please CELEBRATE with me!!! I still rememebr when I was waiting for the first clicks :)

Life gets easier and easier after the move, but we still have a lot to do. The curtains are still not up and we need to lay the floor in both halls. I hope we'll manage to do it before my family comes for DD's baptism on Easter Monday. They say it's OK, if we don't manage to get everything ready, but I'd like to have the appartment looking really nice until then.

I will also get to know my brother's DGF, I haven't met her yet. You can tell I'm really curious :)

I'm also excited about DD's baptism and hope Easter Monday is going to be a beautiful day. I laugh that she'll be baptised on my "church" birthday, I was born on Easter Monday :)

The weather got so much better here, everything says Spring! We're going to start making bike excursions this weekend. I haven't been riding a bike for over 8 years, so I'm a tad scared (especially of the cars), but I hope I'll get used to doing it fast. We bought me a nice bike last November and almost haven't used it since then (mainly due to bad weather) so it's high time to start.

A stitching update will follow in the afternoon.


Blogger Von said...

Hi Gosia,
Sounds like you're really settling into your new home. :)
Congrats on the continued weight loss and on hitting the 10,000 visit mark!!

5:24 AM  

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