Friday, February 16, 2007

More changes - the Tower Part II

Do you remember my tarot card, the Tower? At this point everything that happened next had already been set into scene, I just didn't know about it yet. The destruction was painful, but necessary. I shiver now when I think that I could have lived with someone like that for many more months or even years.

What I didn't believe at that time though, was the second part, the one about the destruction being necessary to make space for building up something new. I know something new needs a lot of available space and I'm going to give it as much space as I can. I'd actually go away immediately from this something new now, if it wasn't my bestest friend.

Whatever happens I do enjoy it at the moment and I had the most beuatiful V-Day I can remember. Completely heart-, pink- and red-free ;) Just perfect.


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