Thursday, March 22, 2007

Time for un update

My home feels like a battlefield at the moment ;) We try to decide on the paint, furniture, etc. which is kinda funny with three kids. We have to repaint the rooms done by the kids, but at least they had a lot of fun. It also helps that they are going to have their own rooms, so they have fun planning ;)

The honeymoon is definitely over and we had some problems with the kids (actually all three), but after a lot of talking, talking, talking things seem to have settled down for now. Of course, I know the peace is just temporary, but at least we managed to clarify a lot of issues.

Between me and DBF all is still too good to be true ;) It doesn't mean everything is obvious, I forgot how much different our cultural and social backgrounds are, but at least at the moment we are really good at talking and solving problems before they arise. I guess it's a good thing, but I'm still really cautious.

I flunked awfully at my Lent goals, but decided that home-made cake is so good at making atmosphere at home better, that the goal is not as important. I gained some weight back, but not very much and when things settle down, I am going to go back to dieting.


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