Monday, March 05, 2007


I have my home back for myself only :) It feels very empty still and definitely different than it used to be, but I guess I'm going to get used to it soon. I decided to keep it for myself only until my new DBF is ready to move in. But even then, we're going to make a lot of changes. I like changes.

As you can guess things with DBF are going well at the moment. Actually almost too good to be true, I feel so different than in all those years. The kids are so different and I can afford being myself with them around which is a huge change. I could never imagine than being myself may ever feel strange, but it does :) Anyway I'm happy and that's all that counts at the moment. I am still kinda waititng for the other shoe to drop, though, but maybe I'm just overreacting at the moment.

DD is coping with all the changes quite well, she just cries much more often than before, but I hope this is going to get better soon too. She adores the DBF's kids which helps a lot I guess. In general it helps a lot that we have known each other for quite a time (DBF is DD's godfather) so it doesn't feel as new. On the other hand it feels quite funny - to fall in love with DD's godfather ;)

I am also planning to come back to having hobbies, I've already dug out my stitching things :)

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Blogger Belinda said...

Congrats on the new DBF! I'm hoping all goes well, although it sounds like it's off to a great start!

3:01 PM  

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