Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Doing better

I'm doing better, even though I still haven't come to terms with the school disaster. But I'm doing better and even though I can't find my learning mojo back, I did a lot of paperwork that has been waiting forever, which is almost as good ;)

Tomorrow I have to start learning again, I'd like to take the first exam as soon as possible, as I believe it's going to make me feel better and bring back my mojo again. At the moment I am still into the "I'm too stupid to study, I'm too stupid to work" - phase and I need that to stop.

In the meantime I am happily stitching on DMC In the Meadow for DD and listening to Pilars of Earth with DBF. I'm not sure I love the book, we're on CD 3 of 12 and it's been a bit too two-dimensional and a tad too bloody for me, but we're going to listen to the end. I'll write more later on.

Oh, and DBF promised I am going to get Michael Powell's Venice Tryptych anyway (even without writing my Master thesis), we just need to come up with an idea how I should earn it. Maybe we'll tie it to my Java exams, I just need to come up with some rules. One exam would be too cheap, but all three feels a bit too much and too far away to achieve, so we'll see.

When I'm done with Witzy & Co, or when I'm bored with them I'm going to come back to DBF's woolvies, he's definitely more than earned a first cross-stitched gift from me :) :)


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