Saturday, January 05, 2008

New Year

Well, my first New Year resolution should be to blog regularly ;) Last year was not the best one, and I'd like to come back to blogging, because I miss it. Last year was very chaotic in general, with miriads of changes everywhere, and I must admit that I had a hard time adjusting to everything. I hope for a much calmer and easier year now.

But here are my goals for 2008:
  1. Finish my thesis.

  2. Graduate.

  3. Pass SCJP.

  4. Pass SCWCD.

  5. Pass SCBCD.

  6. Cook healthy.

  7. Lose weight.

  8. Exercise.

  9. Re-write my CV.

  10. Find a job (preferably in Berlin).

  11. Move.

  12. Read every day to DD.

  13. Follow through with DD's diagnosis and speach therapy.

  14. Find a good school for DD.

  15. Start stitching again regularly.

  16. Blog regularly.

  17. Read more.

  18. Stay in touch with my friends.



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