Friday, January 11, 2008

Oh, well...

Yesterday came and went by far too fast... I enjoyed our free day immensely, even though we were both fairly tired. I guess when those three months are over we'll both need a lot of sleeping.

So, yesterday I brought DD to the kindergarten, then we went for a walk, ate breakfast in a cafe at the corner, then went to the library to pick up some books for me, then went for a long walk in the city centre and Tiergarten. Then it was time to pick DD up, so we did. We ate at a local Chinese place and spent the rest of the day just doing nothing. It was such a great day.

Today is back to reality, though. I write some mails, went through the books to see if they are of any use for my thesis and now it's time to pick DD up and do some house cleaning before weekend. I have to write at least 2-3 pages this evening, after DD's gone to bed and read one chapter for the SCJP exam.

I also found a job fair in April in Berlin and registered for it. Until then I should already have my diploma and at least two, if not three exams done, so it would be great to use the opportunity. I'm going to start sendind out job application end of March, so the fair comes exactly at the right time.

Oh, and I forgot to write how proud I am of my DBF to have finsihed this paper. It took hime over two years and he's been struggling a lot, so the last couple of weeks when he got really productive make me really optimistic about the future. Now he only has the master thesis to write, just like me :)

Thanks for your nice comments :)

Deborah, yes my plate is full at the moment, but I try to take one bite at a time. One day it'll get better. I just need to believe it.



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