Friday, February 01, 2008

No clever title

I was not doing as good as I wanted to believe. Shortly after last post I felt into a huge black hole, when I couldn't even be bothered to get up in the morning, kept crying and not sleeping. I hate such phases, I want to believe I am stronger than I am.

Even though I learnt close to none, which is a big problem, because I need to take the first exam as soon as possible, I still kept doing small steps and next Thursday I have meeting at another school who is willing to work a new schedule with me, which could mean that I'm only going to lose 6 months and will only have earn a couple of credits more. Well, I'll know for sure when I've been there and there are of course some drawbacks - the school is not as well-known and it's going to cost a small fortune, but I'll take whatever they are going to offer me. My parents are also going to lend me the money, and etr DBF has a new contract, so at least financially things look a bit brighter for the time being.

I'm going to try to get my health a bit better and take vitamins regularly and see if it affects how I feel. I think that the insomnia, etc. was just stress, but if it continues, I'll need to see a doctor.

Oh, and DBF said that I'll be getting my Michael Powell for passing the first exam, so now on to learning :) :) :)


Blogger Karoline said...

{{{Gosia}}} Good luck with your exam and I hope it works out at your new school.

10:25 AM  

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