Friday, March 07, 2008

Scheduled the exam!!!!

I have scheduled my SCJP exam for the coming Monday, so I only have three days left to prepare. I am scared, but I'll be so happy when it's over!! I just need to succeed in something to start believing again I am not totally useless. I think I am prepared for the exam, but I'm still going to go through the whole book again on the weekend and I still have three mock exams to go through and revise the questions I got wrong. So enough work before Monday.

I have also already installed Tomcat on my Linux laptop and got it to running under Eclipse. It means I can write JSPs and Servlets immediately without worrying about the configuration cram first. I know I still need to learn it all, but I admit I hate starting to learn a new technology with loads of configuration problems. There will be still enough time to learn why things do not function, when I first get a grip of how things function when they function ;)

I am going to go for exactly one month of preparation for the SCWCD exam. I know it's very little time, but I can learn effectively around 6 hours per day, which ought to be enough.

I lost so much time on the first exam, because I felt worthless and depressed. It was so stupid, because from the very beggining I had no problems understanding the book, I just felt it was too much for me to learn and memorize all the details. But with time and learning every single day it is perfectly possible to achieve it. Just one chapter at a time. And of course allowing enough time for solving mock exams and getting the "big picture" in place. I am already excited about the preparation for the next exam :)

I started my career as a web developer (in ASP, though) and I really liked it. At that time it was still fairly easy and the learning curve was not that steep. Now, it's almost as difficult as programming EJBs, etc. but I still have a lot of warm feelings for dynamic webpages :) When I'm done with SCWCD, I am going to go for the next exam - SCBCD, which is more difficult, but I hope those three will help me to get a new job soon. I will still not really be ready with all three exams before my unemployment money runs out, which I'm trying not to think about at the moment. I will also still need to learn Hibernate and Spring in the meantime (pity, there's no exam for them, I find learning towards a goal so much easier than just getting to know a technology) and just hope to find a job soon. But slowly I am cautiously optimistic about my future, or at least I am feeling about it much better than when the school big bang happened.


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