Friday, March 14, 2008

SCWCD, job hunt, and such.

I started working on my new exam on Monday I can't shake off the feeling that at least the book is easier than the previous one. I'm almost at page 200 (of 750), so I hope things stay this way. I have nothing against passing an exam that is not that difficult, for a change.

I have also been seraching for a job application coach, but I have no idea which one to choose. The price differences are not that big, but how do I judge one, just having their webpage as a reference?? I do not know anyone who has used them personally, and they are basically all online, so I guess I'll restort to the phone when I'm ready to start with revamping my cv and such... and hope I get a decent one. I won't be able to afford a couple, just to see what they can do with my cv (I have a somewhat twosted one and I don't know what I should include and how. Like for example all the classes I took towards my master degree, they are definitely job relevant, but I don't know what I should write, if I am not getting my Masters after all).

All this job hunting is very stressful, especially as I have no experience at all. The only job I've ever had was offered to me after two months internship (and I did not even apply for that, my school took care of that). So I really have no experience at all. I also need new photos (in Germany you have to attach a photo to your application, I hate it) and I significantly gained weight, which of course makes taking those photos a very pleasant event. I need to go to the hairdresser anyway, but this has time until mid-April. Maybe I'll lose a bit until then and will feel better about myself, but it's not my top priority at the moment. The new exam is most important.

I also have problems getting servlets to run on my laptop, which annoys me. We'll have to watch what's wrong both, with DBF, he's usually better at the whole installation game than me. In the menatime I can continue with my book.

I also have loads of paperwork to do at the moment, taxes, mountains of things for the divorce, bankruptcy filing and so on, but I'm moving along there too. It just takes so much time... But it gets done, so I'm not complaining.


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