Monday, July 07, 2008

New Job

As some of you know I have a new job and have been working for 4 weeks already. And I can really tell you - it makes a differenece, a huge difference. Things are going well here, especially as DD is with my Mom in Poland on holiday, so I have time and space to get used to working again.

The only not-so-shiny side of life is my health. I have been running with an UTI for months as it shows, and now I'm on antibiotics to kill it in the long run. Unfortunately they are making me mildly nauseated and very tired, so I'm really looking forward to not having to take them any more. Of course, I also hope they will do the job and I'll feel better. Still, it seems my kidneys are OK and at least I know the reason why I have been feeling so down and tired in the last months.

Next week we're celebrating DBF's 40th birthday. We're going to the mountains for the weekend, as we're child-free and most of our friends are on holiday already. I'm still angry that J haven't come up with a better idea, but I'll do my very best to make up for it next year.