Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I haven't written regularly because of many reasons, some of which are not valid any more (hopefully). First of all, I suspect my ex is still reading it (just like he used to read my mail - some people just need to get a life). Now that we are divorced I do not care any more of he knows anything about me or not. I also see no reason to protect some other people against him any more.

I also need a safe place to vent and write about things that bother me again and why should I search for another place than here? I would also like to get back to habit of writing regularly and setting goals and plans, because I am at a place where life can and should be planned and worked at again, unlike it used to be for a couple of years before.

SO I hit the 3 months mark at my job, which is means I made it halfway through the probation period. My boss is happy with my work, but I know I need to work on several areas, especially being more consistent. I get one project done really well and then slack off a bit until the next wave comes. This needs to get changed, especially as I am getting more and more important projects.

I also need to work on my qualifications. I wouldn't want to get stuck at this level forever, so I better get going and start working (again) on my next exam.

On the private field, I need to get more consistent in working with my DD (homeschooling in Polish), I also need to make an appointment for her to get evaluated in sensory integration. I suspect something is slightly wrong with that and she's having hard times sometimes dealing with other children. It's nothing really serious, but if I can get help for her, I should do it. She still has some speech delays (they change constantly - at the moment she's almost at target in vocabulary, but the grammar is really... adventurous).

I also need to work on spending more quality time with my DBF. We do sneak a lot of time already, but sometimes we waste it on doing nothing and then regret not planning in advance or just going out eating, because it's the easiest (but the most expensive and doesn't make that much fun anyway).

So I have a lot to work on and I'm happy to say this, two years ago there was almost nothing to build upon.


Anonymous Jill in CA said...

Welcome back! During my divorce, and even after it for awhile, I didn't post much of anything that was personal in my blog because I'm pretty sure my ex was reading it. Thankfully that was awhile ago now. But I do understand!!

12:39 AM  

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