Thursday, December 15, 2011

Kokeshi dolls

And another finish to show. Those dolls are for friends' daughters, but of course I will have to crochet similar ones for mine too ;)) They will make a set with two beautiful books about Japanese culture: Yumi and Aoki. I'm a huge fan of children's books ;))

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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Another quick finish - a ladybug

As DD1 was jealous of DD2 getting a handmade toy, she'll be getting hers ver y soon. As soon as I've decided if ladybugs can do without legs or not ;)))

In the meantime:

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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

A quick finish - Christmas Tree Toy

A St Nicolas Day present for DD2. It was a very quick finish, maybe 6-7 hours altogether. I hope she likes it :))

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Sunday, December 04, 2011

2012 WIPocalypse!!!

Measi (at ) organized a SAL:

For many years, a rumor has been around that the world will end in 2012.  So really – do you want all of your poor WIP and UFO pieces to be left behind, unfinished?  The guilt!  The shame!  Oh, the horror of all of those innocent little stitchy projects never to be completed!

So I had no choice, but to jump in and join with following WIPs at the moment:

Dracolair Dawn Awakening
All Our Yesterdays A windy day
UB Design Vogelwinter
Needle Treasures Great expectations
Drawn Thread Prairie Garden
Dimensions Gracious Era
Dimensions Winter's Lace

Dimensions Nature's beauties (yay, I found the missing chart!)
Mirabilia Madonna of the Garden
Michael Powell Venice Palazzo I, II, III
Anchor African animals
DMC Lilac fairy
DMC In the meadow

Chatelaine Watergarden (if I find the missing part of the chart)

I  am allowing myself to start any ornie, card or any small, provided that it is stitches out of my stash, which I think is fair enough. I'm really curious how far I am going to come this year :)))) Some of the pieces are fairly small, some are big, some are almost finished, some - barely started. So there's really a nice mixture to choose from. I am going to concentrate on Winter's Lace, even though, it's not very far, but it's for my partner, who has been whining to have it finished for years now.

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Preparing for 2012!

So, long time no see, but life somehow got in the way ;)))

So here I come again, with two DDs currently (Alizée 8 and Lara 1) and multiple WIPs. I have just recently come back to hobbies, mainly to knitting, sewing  and crocheting, but stitching is starting to catch my interest again. I'm hoping for a good crafty next year, I will have to live out of my stash, but hey, that was the reason I have been gathering all those things in the first place.

For a good beginning a pic of the Advent Calendar I have sewn for my DDs:

It's made out of linen and some patchwork fabbies, which works wonderful together. I am definitely going for this combination again, maybe for something less Christmassy this time.

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