Sunday, December 04, 2011

Preparing for 2012!

So, long time no see, but life somehow got in the way ;)))

So here I come again, with two DDs currently (AlizĂ©e 8 and Lara 1) and multiple WIPs. I have just recently come back to hobbies, mainly to knitting, sewing  and crocheting, but stitching is starting to catch my interest again. I'm hoping for a good crafty next year, I will have to live out of my stash, but hey, that was the reason I have been gathering all those things in the first place.

For a good beginning a pic of the Advent Calendar I have sewn for my DDs:

It's made out of linen and some patchwork fabbies, which works wonderful together. I am definitely going for this combination again, maybe for something less Christmassy this time.

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